What They are Saying

Here is where you can find what others are saying about us:

You’ve made your home a place of catharsis for so many young people, adults and all those in between who come to visit and stay. A place where people can feel confident to say ‘I’ve never done this before’ or ‘I’m really frightened’ and be met with so much encouragement, love and support to aid in their spiritual and emotional growth – and ultimately push them to experience new things. You’ve turned your home into A Conveyor Belt of Adventure – an adventure that I’m so privileged to have been a part of for the past two weeks.

It’s spectacular. The things that you achieve in the week that the children come to stay with you are immeasurable. Smiles are worn, hugs are had, high-fives are done, teamwork is evident  – and love shines from all corners of underneath that terrace. When I think back on the past two weeks the word that springs to mind is ‘Family’; because ‘Family’ in my eyes in synonymous with co-operation, admiration, bemusement, learning, communication, trust, laughter and, arguably most importantly – complete and utter madness!!

To Dear Rach

Nice Letter from 2015 Camp