Pony Project

Our pony care project has always been a big favorite. The children are so eager to learn about ponies, so giving them instructions in English is only a minor obstacle!

We commence the week grooming and learning the basic language for looking after a pony. A soon as the children have mastered the safety aspects, we can start with riding in the enclosed area and moving on to short walks around the park of the villa Cimena, standing in the stirrups to eat the cherries from the trees!!

Tascin has retired, so THANK YOU TAZ for all your hard work!! (Taz is our star pony who has taught over 2000 children to ride over the 10 years she has been at the camp. She is now enjoying the love and apples from the children from her retirement field)

Welcome to Billy our new entry!! Frankie and the rest of the pony squad are waiting for you!!

Have fun learning how to shoot a bow and arrow from the saddle, with our mounted games fun days.pony_2