Hill Fun Activites

Our aim is to not only interest and challenge the children but also to stimulate them in the English language. We are committed to their safety and well being and insist they wear protective gear. We would also like to assure parents that no activity is compulsory, they are designed to give a taste of each pursuit, in the hope that it sows the seed of interest that can be followed up.  We will actively assist the children to develop their interest.

MOUNTAIN BOARDING: is a well established if little-known outdoor sport, derived from snowboarding. Mountain boarders, also known as riders, ride any kind of terrain, but we will be practicing on the soft grassy slopes of Morana. All hire of board and equipment is included in the price.


ARCHERY: is here to stay by popular demand! Your kids will learn the basic techniques of using a bow and arrow, and even play fruit ninja!!
zip_wireZIP WIRE, ABSEILING AND ASSAULT COURSE are all part of their weekly Hill experience. We encourage the kids to have a go at everything on the hill and tick off what they have done on our activity board. Experienced staff will be there to help and give instructions.