About Us

We want our children to understand and value the natural world, and therefore strive to protect it. We want the children to play, build lasting memories, value their friends, society and surroundings.

This means playing in the MUD! Joining in the GAMES! Riding on PONIES! Jumping in the SWIMMING POOL!

Children are spending less and less time outside. Not only are they missing out on a whole world of fun, adventure and really cool games (Hide and seek anyone?) but there are some serious knock-on effects, including health problems, poor social development and little understanding or interest in the natural environment – especially worrying in the face of climate change.

This is why all our activities are created to combat the increasing alienation of children from their natural environment. 
We conduct nature workshops and our bright sparks are nature detectives, exploring the jungle of castagneto po and creating works of art from recycled and natural material.