Willow Jeffries

Full time mum
Degree in Art, Design and Textiles

Born in Canterbury in the south of England nearly 39 yrs ago. The eldest of 5 children, I was brought up on a farm, and have always loved the great outdoors. We used to play outside from dawn ‘til dusk, building dens and hiding in cornfields, swimming in the river. The summer camp helps children get a taste of this kind of country life in contact with nature and animals, confronting new experiences and making new friends. 

My mother is an artist and my father was a writer, and I have always been creative in my own right, studying art and design for three years followed by a degree in textiles. Now a mother of three I paint, sew and take photographs and still make scrapbooks as I did as a child for sources of new inspiration. I enjoy experimenting with materials on hand, making something out of nothing. It is wonderful working with the children and seeing how creating things themselves they grow in confidence and self esteem, they are surprised by their own achievements, absolute magic!!