Louise Zanre

Nationality: British
Age: 36
English teacher and translator

I grew up and studied in Kent, South East of England and left after graduating to come to teach English as a foreign language in Turin and to start my life with my husband to be. From the time I worked in an orphanage in the Philippines I always knew that I wanted to teach in life and in particular with children. Working with children and not just teaching them English, but teaching them about what I saw as being special in life in my own language was what I wanted to do. 

After working in various bi-lingual schools in Milan and Turin I stopped to dedicate more time to my children and find a job which was more compatible with being a mum. A few years on I met Rachel, someone who shared my same beliefs in children just being able to be children, but also being very aware of, respecting and loving the world they live in. She asked me to help out on the summer camp, I said yes and now I am in for year two…

Passions: dancing and the seaside.
Sports: never been a very sporty person, but always loved running, swimming and dancing.

Certificates: BA in European Studies and Italian, 
Montessori diploma for teaching children
, TEFL English teacher’s certificate

Favourite quote:

Favourite Famous quote: 
Children need love, especially when they do not deserve it.
~Harold Hulbert