Elena Onano Martinetti

Age: 43
Full time mum

Following a degree in modern literature and after experience as a teacher, I became a full time mum. During my university years, I did a drama course at the Teatro Stabile Torino (youth section) and also took part in some theatre shows for children (Sacra Donna del Cielo and the Diary of Anne Frank both produced by TST).

I enjoy doing DIY, wood work and creating objects with recycled materials. 

I have been working with Rachel at the Summer Camp running activities using natural and recycled materials to create objects such as lamps, boxes, candles… which I feel enables the children to become more aware of their environment and how to make use of the objects they find around them. My belief is that everyone can do their bit for our world and at the same time bring out their creative side.

Interests: architecture, design, gardening, restoration and recycling, cooking.
Sport: Swimming, golf.

Languages: Fluent English, French

Favourite Quote: 
You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. 
- Plato 427-347 BCE